Saturday, March 1, 2014

As I am sitting here sipping on my thyme and cinnamon-honey tea (a strange combination indeed), I am so grateful for the small pleasures of life. Under normal circumstances, such a combination of tea ingredients would not exactly produce feelings of exaltation; however, as I am doing all I can to empower my body in its fight against a menacing virus, thyme is what the "family doctor" prescribed (ie. my sister, and she is a nurse).

This morning has been full of gratuitous yet significant luxuries already.  My husband saved the last square of sea salt chocolate for me, an indulgence that has elevated my pleasure quotient and I am sure will contribute to a speedier recovery.  Just minutes ago, I had a long phone conversation with my five-year old nephew (me, asking questions, he, dutifully answering). Although Joshua has transitioned to the "small boy" phase in which he asserts his independence every time I run to help him with some task, in my eyes he is still the toddler who needs me at every turn.  I still want to tie his shoelaces, or wash his face after breakfast, or-alas, even worse!- feed him when he gets distracted.  I still want to pick his clothes and dress him on the rare occasion I get to baby-sit him.  To my disappointment (I know, a most selfish sentiment), Joshua has now taken charge of these daily tasks which have given me such immense satisfaction in the past.  However, our relationship is as precious as it was when he couldn't pronounce my name or jump the stairs like a bunny. Now that Joshua can translate his surroundings into words and can therefore specifically instruct me about how to play a certain game (customization is not encouraged), I am enjoying the depth that comes with verbalizing moments that will be rendered immortal in the treasure chest of my heart. 

As I am rediscovering this morning, joy can come from the simplest-and often unappreciated-places.  A cup of warm tea on a winter morning.  A hidden square of chocolate in a fridge full of vegetables.  A sweet conversation with a child (in my case, time with Joshua is both therapeutic and magical).  A walk in the rain forest. God is perpetually delighting my spirit with His gifts. He has colored the skies with serene hues of blue and injected the grass with vibrant shades of chlorophyll so we would taste and see how good He is.  Because of Him and through him, life has merit and pleasure.  La vita e bella, indeed...

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